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BHASA : Buddhist Home at SAraha Upcoming Events

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Buddhist Home at Saraha

BHASA : Buddhist Home at SAraha is Saraha Institute's local initiative for altruistic, wisdom and compassion-based senior care here in our local community of Eugene, Oregon. 

Kindly regarding our own lives as we age, friends with our own minds. Kindly looking outward towards the lives of others, learning to care from early on, and acquiring the ability to do so. Growing up ourselves, and building relationships of trust. Sincerely and practically helping as needs and opportunities arise. 

BHASA means to advocate and embody courageous altruism, a creative and cooperative social approach to senior care. Carrying these thoughts into fruition, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, Saraha will hold 2 monthly BHASA events. Which are...

... a free-form potluck gathering social event from 4 - 5:30 pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month ...

... and an elder-oriented meditation, or other topical subject, teaching event, at the same time, on the 4th Sunday of each month ...

How and  Why?  In this country senior needs for aging and dying, when addressed institutionally, break down into distinct categories such as at-home care,  retirement communities, active and assisted living, nursing homes, hospital, hospice and funeral homes - each configured differently to address different types and stages of care.  Given this type of piecemeal and standardized approach, it is easy to loose sight of the fact that living, aging and dying presuppose an unbroken spiritual continuum that each person faces in an individual way.

Elder Community, Elder Care, Uniting the Great Divide... 

Understanding and addressing this complex continuity needs to become the unifying basis for senior care.  Even the best institutions are only geared to fulfill certain needs. When their "care plans" are revealed, they generally contain protocols for feeding, housing and the administration of medications. Physical acts intended to embody the means of care.  But suffering, which care is meant to alleviate or prevent, and happiness, which it is meant to entail, are experienced nowhere other than the mind. Spiritual means mind, and every kind of care is, at its origin, root and fruit, nothing other than spiritual.

Taking a Spiritual Approach...

So, in addition to the material comforts that care facilities can provide, and what we can afford, there is vast scope for positive participation of the individual in her own aging process. There is also the opportunity for one's chosen society, family and friends, to support and contribute to these efforts.   The earlier that steps in this direction are undertaken, the more likely they are to bear fruit. Although we may seem temporarily stuck, in fact our approaches towards living and dying are completely variable. Even in the face of hardship, our lives are capable of becoming stable, fearless, joyful and & replete with positive meaning.  Our own inner, good intention, and the ultimate permeability of our situation are the crucial points.

Recommended Eugene Area Senior Community Resources

Active Downtown Living : The Eugene Hotel

The Eugene Hotel is not a hotel, though it was originally built as one in 1924 before conversion into an active living retirement center in the downtown heart of Eugene in 1983.  The "hotel's"    stately building layout and large fancy-looking public areas provide it with the feeling of being a voluntary residence, a place where you would naturally "check in," rather than a forced retreat. Led by tireless and brilliant manager Judy Miller and an amazing, devoted, dedicated staff, the Eugene Hotel is a naturally active, happy, cooperative elder community with good food, basic but right-on social programs and useful services, and excellent price/value.  Residents have great autonomy, but help when they need it. Ages 58 and up. The Eugene Hotel is a wonderful and unique establishment worthy of great admiration and emulation for those who care about these things. Click HERE for more info...

Independent Community Housing : Edgewood Housing

Proximity facilitates care. Locally, some senior members of the Saraha community, who found themselves in the "downsizing" mode, bought a townhouse, joined a local homeowners association and moved nearby. This arrangement helps them by reducing costs and relieving responsibilities for many of the cares and chores of independent living. 

They are happy with this place, named Edgewood, located on 12 acres of land here in South Eugene.  Edgewood is conveniently priced with many units selling for under $200,000, safe and clean. Its close proximity to Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute puts it in easy range of temple visits, carpools and care opportunities. 

So we are recommending it here.
for the homeowners association website.  HERE is a link to an Edgewood property currently up for sale. You can also search for Edgewood homes currently on the market via the Internet using the keywords:   edgewood townhouse eugene oregon for sale 

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