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Volunteer Activities at Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute

Hear Ye ... from the management of its board of directors to the maintenance of its forest grounds, volunteer efforts rule at Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute..More than that, many of the esteemed Buddhist teachers who come here from afar to teach and lead events, as well as local community members who show up to lend a hand, all contribute their efforts here on a volunteer basis. Everyone has their own kind reasons and good intent, then they find a way to express that here at Saraha. This is the formula of how the Institute carries on. That is how it has been up till now, and how we expect it will continue.

On one hand, this has been made possible by the unflagging energy of a few dedicated individuals who have been willing to tackle any task, big or small, and to fill in whatever gaps appear.  On the other hand the varieties of space, the Institute's open and diverse site architecture, and its activities, including many different types of programs and events, naturally lend themselves to the creative efforts and contributions of people of all kinds.  

How to start... The best way to start is just by showing up one Saturday morning for the scheduled weekly volunteer event.  If you feel you need a personal invitation to do that, consider this it. Volunteering means you get to meet whomever else shows up, and they get to meet you, and then, together, you do whatever is going on that day. If is is a burly crowd, that might mean forest or light construction work. If it is a more civilized group it might be cleaning and decorating the shrine. Literary, it might be the library. If it is summer, we are probably working on the children's school downstairs.  From these encounters we get to know each other, and as specific talents develop or reveal themselves more specific tasks arise. That is how we grow up together as volunteers at Saraha.

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