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Onsite Library at Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute

As part of its mission to provide valuable Buddhist educational resources for visitors, members and the local community, Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute hosts an onsite library of Buddhist texts in languages including English, Tibetan and Chinese.  These books are available for onsite viewing by visitors and check out by members of the Institute.   

For a browsable online list of available English language titles in the Saraha Institute Library,  at our very own Library Thing web page...


Book Donations to the Saraha Institute Library

All of our books are products of kind donations to the Institute. We regularly receive donations of individual books and even entire personal library collections from people near and far. Apart from books, we also welcome donations of other media, such as video and audio resources. If you would like to drop off items for the library, you can do that by calling ahead, or simply visiting the Institute during regular open hours.

Another easy way to donate books is through Saraha's  Amazon Wish List .   CLICK HERE to visit that list, see selected book requests, and make a tax-deductible donation to the library.  Thanks for your kindness...

The Kangyur Collection

Saraha's onsite Tibetan language library officially launched in Oct. 2014 with the timely donation of a precious, beautifully printed 100 volume collection of the entire canonical teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, known in Tibetan as the "Kangyur."  For more information on the Kangyur, CLICK HERE...

Lists of Buddhist Books

Buddhism is not a book, but there are many excellent Buddhist books... CLICK HERE for some selected lists of recommended Buddhist books...

84000 Global Translation Project

84000, Translating the Words of the Buddha is an inspired and inspiring global project with a long-term  vision to translate the entire official canon of over 230,000 pages of Buddha's teachings, with their commentaries from Tibetan into modern languages, beginning with English.  

84000 hosts an impressive and informative website explaining the goals and progress of the translation initiative.  Translated works are also made available for free download on that site.  These translations are printed into hard copy and are available in the Saraha onsite library. 

Visit and enjoy the 84000 at:

Lotsawa House Resources

Lotsawa House is a virtual library currently hosting more than 580 translations in seven languages and more than 300 original texts in Tibetan. This represents the combined efforts of 28 translators, working in collaboration with lamas, khenpos and geshes, as well as editors, inputters, proofreaders, designers and many more.  

The TBRC Library

The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center is a vast online library of Tibetan texts, dedicated to the preservation, organization and dissemination of Tibetan literature. Using the latest digital technologies, TBRC is ensuring that the treasures of this incredible body of literature will never be lost. 
To access this beautiful website,

Shambhala Publications

Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute is an official reseller of books published by Shambhala Publications.  As such, Saraha maintains a small, focused, onsite inventory of Buddhist books which are available for purchase by the local public, and at a substantial discount rate to Saraha members, including the families of children attending our Saraha Children's School.   Proceeds for these sales contribute entirely to the funding of the Institute's non-profit activities.

These books are available for browsing on the dedicated "for sale" shelves in the Saraha library.  Learn more about Shambhala Publications offerings at

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